Travel Tips For The Frequent Flyer

When traveling by air, there are some specific travel tips that can make your flight more endurable, safer and comfortable. Here are some travel tips that you need to pay attention to in order to get you from Point A to Point B:· Try not to take a nap during the aircraft descent because you need to keep awake to keep abreast of any air pressure changes. Instead stay awake and chew gum or keep yawning.· When traveling or taking a flight, there are always going to be delays that you need to anticipate and prepare for these flight delays. Make sure you pack crossword puzzles, IPOD, books, games, or anything that will help you to pass the time and not get bored. Also include snacks of any kind.· When booking your flight do not include too many layovers and stops because you have less chance to be involved in any dangerous take-offs and landing. Try to book a non-stop flight for your peace of mind and to reduce the hassle.· The air pressure in the cabin is dry and so if you wear contact lenses, clean them well before flying to avoid irritation of your eyes. Lubricate your eyes to moisten them for the flight.· Prepare for your travel by taking one small carry-on bag. You would do well to take your own food and drink with you on the plane since these days the flight rarely includes food. A good book is a good companion. Get to the airport on time in case you have to purchase food to take with you. Being prepared will help you to have a better flight.· At boarding time, make sure you take mental note of the plane’s entire exits and be sure to mentally count the amount of seats from where you are sitting to the exits. If you have to deplane in an emergency, you have a better chance of being calm during the rescue or escape.· It is in your best interest to get advanced seat assignments before the day of the flight. When you do that, you have better chance of getting on a full flight as well as knowing exactly where you will sit beforehand. You also are able to pick a window or aisle seat if you want to.· If you are a single traveler, you might want to ask the person who is sitting beside you to switch and give you the aisle seat so you don’t have to interrupt them during the flight if you have to go to the bathroom.· Do not book segments of flight in close proximity to each other because you may miss one of those flights if the first plane has been delayed. You should make sure that you flight times are at least thirty-five minutes apart. This will give you enough time to get through security checkpoints. If you don’t have to reach your destination in a hurry, then a two-hour layover would be better for you so that you don’t have to be rushing.To make your travel plans go smoothly, following these travel tips will allow you to look forward to the flight and not have to be running across the airport in disarray.

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