All of Us Get Used to Well Renowned Brands and Logos But the Automotive Logo Is Still Important

The automotive logo or branding is still important, because the automotive logo gets used to connect you to the bigger company and what it stands for over time. Many people only look at the automotive logo and forget to look at the company behind this logo, and how it gets run and what it gives back to the greater good and environment.Normally these big companies that have created a logo or brand name over the years have a bigger purpose in life. Next time you decide on a brand or logo do yourself a favor and see if you can get hold of the company’s mission report. It is humanly to believe in a brand as you start to trust it over the years, due to its quality and reliability.Now a day the automotive logo for instance became under massive pressure due to all the makes and models entering the market place all of a sudden. Over the years we get used to the renowned auto brands and they were only a hand full well know names. Everybody in the country where the mother company was situated for this logo or brand knew everything about that company.In the modern world today most of these companies have scattered all over the world having subsidiaries or affiliates. Luckily to the new environment friendly and pollution free laws in most countries these companies have to comply with all the rules. But there started to be companies in one camp that actually manufacture different logos and brands under one roof.This even happen to the automotive logo as well, and not a lot of people do realize this phenomenon yet. The auto industry has changed completely in reasoned years, as some of the companies merged and have more than one logo in their stable. It became a known fact that one manufacturer produces more than one logo or brand name.· These companies must have all the tooling for a model and make, due to the fact that new models come onto the market more quickly. This tooling must be replaced for each new model, so the old tools with very small changes gets use to built a different name car.· All the parts suppliers can carry on making the same parts by just changing the name tag on the part. Some even don’t do that so when you look at the parts logo it differs from the cars logo.· Some people think parts are interchangeable between makes. That is not true due to the fact it is because the same tooling that was used to build a previous make of a certain brand, gets used to build another brand.· This only happen because tooling are very expensive to replace, so by doing it this way the tooling gets used over a longer period. So more cars gets produced with the same tooling to cover the original cost on the tooling.· Some of this absolute tooling even gets sold to another company, with the understanding the new company must make a few changes to the tooling and change the final products name.Different companies have different mission reports and quality standards, so the automotive logo is still important and will forever be. This integration of motor companies cause the automotive logo to look cheap as there is a new one on the market every day.That is one of the reasons cars became consumable items in the modern world, and you must be very careful how you buy your car today. You can read more about this in my new e-book

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